Why Schiphol remains accessible

Schiphol Airport uses Airport Report to monitor and coordinate the activities of the salting and spraying vehicles.

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Sandro Broeke, Manager of aviation/air site operations/airport support: "With Airport Report, we always know where our vehicles are located and which sections have been done and which have not.
This makes the system very well suited for a place like Schiphol, where you can't always work with fixed routes and planning schedules.

A salting or spraying vehicle goes from one location to the next according to a list of priorities that depends upon the air traffic. If a new priority arises, we can immediately see which vehicle is nearby and whether it has enough time and liquid (potassium formate solution) to go into action at the new location.

The system is also a great asset when it comes to accounting for our actions after the fact. In case of questions with regard to the exact times worked or damage claims, we can always prove that we completed our work properly and on time."

DMi Airport Report | Schiphol

The 2009/2010 winter was a major challenge due to the heavy snowfall, but Schiphol Airport was able to continue operating without any problems.
"In that regard, DMI also implemented significant improvements in the capacity of the system. All over Europe, airports were scrambling to deal with the heavy snowfall, putting a great deal of pressure on the system. That demanded a great deal of capacity but did not lead to a single problem."

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