DMI Airport Report: keep your airport safe and accessible at all times

As the managing authority of an airport, you have one overriding goal: keeping the airport safe and accessible at all times! That is why you use all the resources at your disposal to keep your takeoff and landing runways as clean and safe as possible.

DMi Airport Report provides real-time insight into all your airport support activities. To ensure that the airport remains accessible, we have created a system that allows you to respond appropriately to any situation that may arise.

DMi Airport Report | Inspections 

In just a few quick and easy steps, you will be able to plan the activities of your vehicles and employees, using the real-time information about work in progress. This will allow you to control your airport support activities as if you were sitting next to the driver yourself!  

DMI also converts all this information into useful reports. You can easily and quickly generate various reports giving you greater insight into your results and performance. In this way, DMI helps you further improve the quality of your work.

DMi Airport Report screenshot 

So, how do we do this?  It's simple. The modem on your machine registers exactly what actions are carried out and all the information is stored and transmitted in real-time to the data centre.

But that's just the starting point for our core expertise: By integrating the Datamining process with intelligent web software, we can quickly provide you with a clear and reliable online overview of all your information.

DMi Airport Report saves you time, telephone calls and paperwork. It also provides you with real-time information from your machines, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively to whatever comes your way.



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